Seasoned Lions and Invited Guest,

I warmly welcome you all to this epic investiture ceremony. I want you to know that your coming is not by happenstance, or circumstance, but divinely orchestrated by the Almighty God. God brought you here on a purpose, for a purpose. This is the Lions Clubs International you have heard so much about. Please, do not feel like a face in the crowd, but relax and enjoy this convocation of service-minded men and women, who are deliberate in giving hope to the hopeless in our community, with their resources, time and intellect.

In accepting the mantle of leadership as the 32nd President of our dear esteemed Ilupeju Lions Club, I am not unmindful of the enormous responsibility that comes with it. There is never a time when privilege comes, without a responsibility. I am persuaded, the capacity to serve, is what gives life its deepest significance.

Ilupeju Lions Club is the bride of many clubs in Multiple District 404, Nigeria. Part of the reason is not unconnected with the exceptional and meritorious record of producing (Two) 2 Past District Governors, (One) 1 Past Cabinet Treasurer, (Three) 3 Past Cabinet Secretaries with one serving two terms in office, innumerable Zone and Region Chairpersons, Chairperson and Committee members of different standing Committees at the District level, and currently adding to her profusion of blue ribbon, a 2nd Vice District Governor, 404B, Nigeria. We must be absolutely special specie of individuals and Service Club, even in the sight of our creator.

Permit me to state unequivocally, and with all emphasis at my disposition, that, there is joy in serving. However, it will be easier for us to take the service a notch further, if, together, we resolve to be more passionate, with a deliberate sense of purpose. Without a sense of history, we will be perennially incapable of seizing the future. A sense of history gives us a vital narrative context within which to situate our journey, individually, and collectively as a service organization. It is through history that we find our bearings and navigate the terrain of evolution. Within our history lies our hope.

I draw inspiration from the founding fathers of this great Club, who set precedence for a fine blend of excellence and commitment to service. There is no illusion about the fact that, we need to re-invent and re-brand ourselves individually and corporately as a Club, to sustain this good model, and consistently take it a notch further.

THEME FOR 2013-2014 LIONS YEAR “Making a difference, with a renewed paradigm shift, towards service to humanity”…

Making a difference is absolutely incontrovertible. The world is not for the lethargic or the cavalier. We need to be audacious and reposition ourselves in the scheme of things. Life doesn’t give to us want we deserve, but what we are deliberate about, and demand for. Reason is simple: Life itself is not 2-dimensional, except we must concede to the theory of quantum mechanics and electrodynamics.

Our corporate existence should be indivisible. The kind of robust love, bond, closeness-in-proximity and mutual respect that existed among our founding fathers, must be religiously adopted and sustained.

Showing kindness to others is a powerful source of happiness. In doing this, we develop a heart of gratitude to God. We need to continue making someone’s future happen. If you only think of yourself, you cannot be happy. If you want to be happy for a lifetime, help someone by your generous giving. Among the things you can give and still keep are your kind words of encouragement, a smile, and a grateful heart. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. The little things matter the most. When you have been given so much, you must give back. If you remember to appreciate the opportunity you have been given, you will always give to others in need.

I thank you all for making out time to come. I celebrate you.

Lion Ibukun Israel Emmanuel (MJF, NLCF)

President, 2013/2014 Lions Year